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Lowered Brick

Garnered enough courage to do it finally: Slamming my old brick down in the weeds! After doing lots of reading on the subject, I decided to take the lowered path of cutting my springs on July 1st and managed to finish the project on July 3rd. A younger and fitter enthusiast might be able to … Continue reading

Ball-joints, Bearings and Bumper

Hey, long time no write! I hit a road hump a few weeks back and have been getting some annoying noises from the front end. But I cannot pinpoint exactly from where the noise is coming from. The front suspension parts are shot anyway as I can shake the wheels in every which way, so … Continue reading

PCV Service

I had a problem with the Brick’s Positive Crankcase Ventilation system for quite a while but was too busy to look into it. When I saw oil patches on my floor, my first thought was the oil drain plug had leaked again. But upon closer inspection I noticed that the oil was coming from the … Continue reading

Push Button Starter

My old brick now sports a push-button starter just like those found in expensive fancy cars. The only difference is the one in my car is simple and cheap; an upgrade done out of necessity than anything else after the starter switch stopped working last weekend. It almost left me stranded at the Gunung Semanggol … Continue reading

Adding A Pair of DRLs

So I bought a pair of LED DRLs online and went about installing them on Tuesday. They came complete with the required bracketry but the circuit diagram printed on the box was crap. The old Brick apparently came with DRL wiring incorporated into the lighting harness even before DRLs became the trend recently but I … Continue reading

Modding the Steering Column Shroud

I have ruined a good set of steering column shroud! When I retro-fitted the stalk switches from a 745 to my 240 a few months back, I had to hack the cover to accommodate the bigger 745 combo-switch for the hazard lights, high beam and indicators. Because of the way I mounted the 745 switches … Continue reading

Leaking Pumps, Part 2.

When I replaced the PS pump some time in August last year, I thought that would be the end of my power steering woes. It was in fact the beginning of a series of leaks in the system. Those people who have been messing with old Volvos long enough would have this to tell you: … Continue reading

A Little Dash of Class

The plastic dash inserts have become a little boring after a while. I have previously covered them with self-adhesive sheets that simulated the look of carbon fibre. That improved the looks of the brick’s cockpit a bit but still it didn’t bring out the elegance that I desired. I have always admired the classy looks … Continue reading

Boot Opener Switch

It’s time to take take out the old boot opener switch and make the one mounted in the glove compartment work like it should. An easy task for the expert but for a newbie like me, tracing out the five-wire existing switch was a bit daunting. Worked up enough courage yesterday to open up the … Continue reading

Retrofitting Sexy 740 Stalk Switches

So I was bored. I have a pair of steering column stalk switches from the 745 half-cut and thought of retro-fitting them to my 240. The old 240 headlight dimmer switch was no longer working as it should; I had to really pull back the stalk to operate it. And I just love the gull-wing … Continue reading