the brick.

  • Car: 1985 Volvo 240 GL
  • Colour: Blue, two-tone
  • Engine: Stock carbureted B230A
  • Wheels: 15″ AS Alloys
  • Tyres: Goodyear Ducaro 195/65
  • Base: Singkir Darat » Sungai Petani


New Project Car

new project car

  • Car: 1979 Volvo 245 DL
  • Colour: Metallic Orange, Rusty
  • Engine: 1992 B230FX with 531 head, LH 2.4 and EZ116K
  • Wheels: 14″ Stock Alloys
  • Remarks: Official Project Car as of 1-1-2014


the brickwalla and a friend's 122.

  • Owner: Suhaimi “Kri” Othman
  • Location: Sungai Petani » Johor Bahru » Jurong West
  • Contact:
    • 019-5216771, 016-7861235
    • manwithkris at yahoo dot com
  • VOCM, VECM handle: krismann
  • Volvo-Forums handle: bata240

This is an unplanned account – hence no before pictures sadly – of me growing old gracefully with a 25 year old Swedish steel they dubbed as the Brick. I used to have a few pages about this Brick elsewhere but I soon grew tired of writing my own code; so I switched over to WP. Being more of a Joomla! person, I am using this blog to learn more about this WP platform as I go and of course at the same time, to get my hands dirty working on the Brick.



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