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Harness Haywire

I went ahead and flushed the engine with one part kerosene and two parts cheap engine oil, after assembling the overhauled head back on the block. Repeated the process and filled the crankcase with cheap engine oil and equally cheap oil filter. The plan was to discard the oil and filter after a few days … Continue reading

Push Button Starter

My old brick now sports a push-button starter just like those found in expensive fancy cars. The only difference is the one in my car is simple and cheap; an upgrade done out of necessity than anything else after the starter switch stopped working last weekend. It almost left me stranded at the Gunung Semanggol … Continue reading

Adding A Pair of DRLs

So I bought a pair of LED DRLs online and went about installing them on Tuesday. They came complete with the required bracketry but the circuit diagram printed on the box was crap. The old Brick apparently came with DRL wiring incorporated into the lighting harness even before DRLs became the trend recently but I … Continue reading

Boot Opener Switch

It’s time to take take out the old boot opener switch and make the one mounted in the glove compartment work like it should. An easy task for the expert but for a newbie like me, tracing out the five-wire existing switch was a bit daunting. Worked up enough courage yesterday to open up the … Continue reading

Retrofitting Sexy 740 Stalk Switches

So I was bored. I have a pair of steering column stalk switches from the 745 half-cut and thought of retro-fitting them to my 240. The old 240 headlight dimmer switch was no longer working as it should; I had to really pull back the stalk to operate it. And I just love the gull-wing … Continue reading

Hard-Wiring My Tails

Both my brake lights were not functioning again. Before that the whole right cluster went dead; I fixed it by using little strips of kitchen foil stuck to the PCB where it met with the 8-gang connector. You need the precision of a watch repairer to do that correctly. But two weeks ago a Nissan … Continue reading

Bricks Need TLC Too

Just when I thought I didn’t have to work on the car anymore until the engine swap, it would start to act up begging for some TLC. Last two weeks one rear tyre developed a bulge. Running out of round, it shook the body so bad at speeds above 80km/h I thought the car was … Continue reading

Glove Box Replaced, Again

Found another glove box at the junkyard and took it home because it had a trunk release switch in it. A couple of the mounting holes have broken but the front part was in much better condition than the one in the car. I have replaced the box earlier as the old one sagged too … Continue reading

What’s This Sensor For?

I’m stumped. Can’t seem to find any info on this sensor. It’s fitted to the right side of the block, at the back near where the block mates with the transmission. The sensor’s probe points at the flywheel while the wires end in what appears like a test terminal mounted on the engine cover. It … Continue reading

Wiring Woes

The intermittent power supply to the accessories due to the loose ignition switch was beginning to be an annoyance. I was introduced to a young man who was dealing in scrap on a part time basis and I ordered a used switch assembly from him. He delivered the part a couple of days later and … Continue reading