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New Year, New Project Car

In retrospect, my 240 TIC project did not really roll as it should. There were some repairs and maintenance done but they were not exactly “Stage 0” stuff. You should never pick your only daily driver, your work horse, as the project car unless you are willing to go without a car for the duration. … Continue reading

Junkyard Finds

I found some nice stuff for the brick while going on my frequent junkyard rounds recently. There was this neglected 240 Turbo sitting at the yard and I just had to yank some stuff off before it went on to Volvo heaven. The interior was shot and there was nothing much to salvage on the … Continue reading

Born Again B230FT

Finally all the parts are successfully put together into a lump of mean looking motor. The engine mounting brackets are only hand-tightened to see how and where the other brackets are fitted. They will later be taken out as I will be using those from the old 240, together with the respective rubber mountings. I … Continue reading

Parts Wish List

Back in Singapore for more than a week now. My nails are clean but I’d rather be working on the engine now. I hope all the exposed metal surfaces of the torn-down engine are not starting to rust while I’m here. There are still some parts which I need to gather to complete the rebuilt … Continue reading


At the end of last year before going back to Singapore, I sent some parts to be sandblasted and powder-coated. I gave them clear instructions that all mating surfaces are not to be touched. But when I came back after about two weeks to claim them, I was shocked! The powder-coating job on my valve … Continue reading

Going All The Way

My original plan was to just clean up the engine a bit, replace the intermediate shaft, change all the belts, plonk the turbo lump into my 240 daily driver and drive off into the sunset. Prior to painting the block as mentioned in the previous post, I of course had to strip everything off the … Continue reading

Taking Control

After the half-cut was safely moved into my blue shed, I didn’t do anything to it. Frankly I didn’t know where to start. And I was due to return to Singapore as I was away from the missus for too long. But I took down all the reference numbers I can find to do some … Continue reading

Here comes the redblock

Be forewarned! This is what lurking at the Volvo owners discussion boards will do to you. After acquiring an old Brick some time back in November 2009, I have been surfing most of the forums – even joined as a member in a few boards. I have also been visiting the local junkyards regularly in … Continue reading