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A Little Dash of Class

The plastic dash inserts have become a little boring after a while. I have previously covered them with self-adhesive sheets that simulated the look of carbon fibre. That improved the looks of the brick’s cockpit a bit but still it didn’t bring out the elegance that I desired. I have always admired the classy looks … Continue reading

Flash Flood Havoc

The flash flood that ravaged my village last week struck us by surprise. All it took was an hour of very heavy rain and we had muddy water running through every home, my mom’s place included. And this time it took longer to subside. Water went into my project shed as well. My tools, parts … Continue reading

Project Shed Under Attack

While Bangkok was battling their worst floods ever last month, my little village here experienced some worrying change in the weather too. we had heavy rainstorms almost every evening and in some places, roofs were being ripped open and trees were uprooted by the strong winds. On October 31st late afternoon, a coconut tree near … Continue reading

8-Ball Gear Knob

I’ve always fancied one of those snooker or pool ball gear knobs. Last week I went to a snooker club and got myself one of their unused balls for cheap – and a black 8-ball at that! I don’t have a bench drill to do the job but I remembered that Atan, one of my … Continue reading

Volvos and Durians

Yes, bloody Volvo drivers love their durians too. Our northern chapter of VOCM organised a trip to Penang last Wednesday and our first stop was at a durian plantation in Pondok Upeh, Balik Pulau on the island. It was a fun drive, especially on the hilly back roads after Bayan Lepas. My old 240 huffed … Continue reading

Cruising Through Tanjung Jaga

Just outside where I live is a place called Tanjung Jaga which is a small outcrop into the sea that provides the quickest passage to the other side of the hills. The name literally translates as “Cape Beware” as in the olden days it used to be the hideout of pirates and robbers waiting to … Continue reading

Petals by the Roadside

With nothing much to do on the project until I can gather some more parts, I took my old Brick for a spin down to Tanjung Dawai, a seaside fishing town near my village. It turned out to be quite a pleasant drive along the tree-line road as those trees were in full bloom. Beautiful … Continue reading

Go Away, Murphy!

Old man Murphy has been busy and my project has been hit by a series of bad luck. Nothing disastrous but enough to put a damper on my spirits. First, the battery went flat. I sent it for charging twice but it refused to turn over the engine when left overnight. Then the oil drain … Continue reading