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Cylinder Headache

I fitted a new battery and tried to crank up the engine of the wagon. It turned over and came to life for a brief few seconds, then it died and spewed dirty looking oil through the air cleaner box! I tried again after cleaning up all the affected parts and the same thing happened. … Continue reading

Too Much Oil

The oil change job went well but I discovered I put in too much oil into the engine. The whole 4 litres in the can in fact, when the engine needed only 3.8 litres. After reading on the ‘Net that it could be harmful to the engine, I set out to drain some of it … Continue reading

Glad to be back!

Glad to be back after nearly a month in Singapore. The old Brick obviously didn’t like being left alone under the porch gathering dust, lizard droppings, etc. It refused to start! So I took the battery out for charging. I also bought a can of engine oil as the car is about 4000 km past … Continue reading