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A Little Dash of Class

The plastic dash inserts have become a little boring after a while. I have previously covered them with self-adhesive sheets that simulated the look of carbon fibre. That improved the looks of the brick’s cockpit a bit but still it didn’t bring out the elegance that I desired. I have always admired the classy looks … Continue reading

Boot Opener Switch

It’s time to take take out the old boot opener switch and make the one mounted in the glove compartment work like it should. An easy task for the expert but for a newbie like me, tracing out the five-wire existing switch was a bit daunting. Worked up enough courage yesterday to open up the … Continue reading

Glove Box Replaced, Again

Found another glove box at the junkyard and took it home because it had a trunk release switch in it. A couple of the mounting holes have broken but the front part was in much better condition than the one in the car. I have replaced the box earlier as the old one sagged too … Continue reading

Junkyard Finds

I found some nice stuff for the brick while going on my frequent junkyard rounds recently. There was this neglected 240 Turbo sitting at the yard and I just had to yank some stuff off before it went on to Volvo heaven. The interior was shot and there was nothing much to salvage on the … Continue reading