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New Year, New Project Car

In retrospect, my 240 TIC project did not really roll as it should. There were some repairs and maintenance done but they were not exactly “Stage 0” stuff. You should never pick your only daily driver, your work horse, as the project car unless you are willing to go without a car for the duration. … Continue reading

Mr Injector

I’m so excited. My fuel injectors for the B230FT have arrived from the US yesterday. They were sent to Mr Injector in Idaho for complete servicing after I failed to get them to flow evenly by ultrasonic cleaning twice at a shop in Bandar Sunway. Complete servicing includes the replacement of some internal and external … Continue reading

Oil Cooler Sandwich Plate

Like I said in an earlier short post, the existing oil cooler/filter adaptor that came with the B230FT can be modified to work in this swap. This is good news as I don’t have to spend money on a Mocal sandwich plate. All I have to do is take the adaptor apart – easier said … Continue reading

Problems Arising

I’m getting a bit fidgety with no bolts and nuts to wrench all week as I’m back here with the missus in Singapore. Life has to go on, and I’m diverting my attention and energy towards raising much needed fund to complete the project and making further research on the ‘Net to find out what … Continue reading