engine reassembly

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Hush! Hush!

When I was putting the cylinder head back together, there was a set of valve absorbers or hushers that I couldn’t find at the parts shop. The old set that came with the B230FT had hardened and some broke into pieces when I took them out. Out of the old eight hushers, I only managed … Continue reading

Born Again B230FT

Finally all the parts are successfully put together into a lump of mean looking motor. The engine mounting brackets are only hand-tightened to see how and where the other brackets are fitted. They will later be taken out as I will be using those from the old 240, together with the respective rubber mountings. I … Continue reading

Timing Belt Cover Peek-a-boo Hole

It’s a shame that when the timing belt cover kept my camshaft sprocket that has been powder-coated blue hidden from view. I have always fancied on of those timing belt covers seen on tuned engines that has holes on them so you can see their bad-ass sprockets. So, out come the cover again. A bare … Continue reading

Putting It Together

The only way to put all that bad luck to the back of my head was to turn my attention to the rebuild. I already have the necessary intermediate shaft and a set of new piston rings to put the engine block back together. It is not finished yet but I am about halfway there. … Continue reading