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Leaking Pumps

Just before Eid, I finally got around to replacing the clutch master pump and the power steering pump. Both were leaking very badly. I have been using old newspaper under the floor mat to soak up the clutch fluid from the carpet. I decided to attack the PS pump first as the task looked easy … Continue reading

Leaking Clutch Pump

My clutch cylinder leaks again after only two months. First it was the master cylinder; now it was the slave cylinder, known among the local mechanics as the upper and the lower clutch pumps respectively. Last time it happened in March I had the car hauled to the workshop on a flatbed truck as I … Continue reading

A Clutch Act

I had wanted to try and fix the clutch pumps myself but there is nothing mentioned about hydraulically operated clutches in the Blue Bentley. The manual is written for the US market where I believe all the 240s are fitted with cable operated clutches. I asked my usual mechanic and he advised me to bring … Continue reading