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Project B230FT

Born Again B230FT

Rebirth of the B230FT

Finally all the parts are successfully put together into a lump of mean looking motor. The engine mounting brackets are only hand-tightened to see how and where the other brackets are fitted. They will later be taken out as I will be using those from the old 240, together with the respective rubber mountings. I have used almost all the bolts and nuts but still have a set of nine small spring spacers left and I have no idea where should they go! I will worry about that later.

I have not decided whether the alternator and the power steering pump will be fitted 740 or 240 fashion. 740s have the alternator on the left above the A/C compressor and the P/S pump on the right while 240s have them the other way. There are two schools of thought on this among the engine swap gurus, which can be very confusing to newbies like me. As far as looks go, I prefer the 740 style as the alternator is more visible in the engine bay than the uglier P/S pump. It is also placed higher up – a boon if you have to wade through flooded roads.

From here on, I will hang up the spanners while I go about gathering the other anciliary parts to complete the swap. Apart for the right kind of distributor and a set of working fuel injectors, the project still needs a power stage or ignition amplifier, fuel pumps, and the rubber plumbing parts for the turbo, intercooler, intake and cooling systems.

Much of the engine work is practically done now. It’s time to roll the motor out of the shed for some glamour shots. Enjoy the photos! -click images to enlarge-

Left side view of the B230FT

Right side view of the engine

Powder-coated fuel rail, sans injectors

The intake manifold and throttle body

A close-up of the Mutsubishi TD05 turbo

Another view of the Mitsu TD05-12b


About brickwalla

This is probably my [B]ig [230] [F]reaking [T]errible mistake.


3 thoughts on “Born Again B230FT

  1. love your powder coating parts, mind to share where and the cost of doing it?

    Posted by yambest | April 5, 2011, 11:51 am
    • A shop here in Sg Petani did for me but the workmanship is a bit lacking. The usually do alloy wheels and commercial display products like racks and shelves. I must be the first customer to bring in engine parts. Paid RM350 to powder-coat the valve cover, fuel rail and the valve sprocket blue; and sandblast the exhaust manifold, cylinder head and crank pulley. I think you can get better results in KL or PJ.

      Posted by brickwalla | April 10, 2011, 3:25 pm
      • thanks bro, i think that a good price you get and for the work quality, as u mentioned this is probably their first time on car parts đŸ™‚

        Posted by yambest | June 9, 2011, 5:10 pm

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